"I wasn’t afraid of dying of an eating disorder, I was afraid of living without one."  -Karin Lewis



The KARIN LEWIS EATING DISORDER CENTER provides a healing environment for those struggling from the emotional, spiritual and physical effects of an eating disorder. Karin uses both her years of clinical experience and numerous years of being recovered herself to provide specialized eating disorder services that help clients navigate the complex issues that have manifested in their eating disorder.

"It's with great pride and gratitude that I introduce you to the KARIN LEWIS EATING DISORDER CENTER. Together, we will take the time to understand the function of your eating disorder while simultaneously exploring and strengthening the unique and valuable parts of your inner self. As a recovered clinician, it is an honor for me and my staff to help you persevere through the challenging battles of an eating disorder."

The KARIN LEWIS EATING DISORDER CENTER is currently accepting new clients for therapy, coaching, and tele-health services.