As an established and experienced eating disorder professional, Karin Lewis' extensive background as an eating disorder clinician, program director of several treatment programs, and her own personal recovery has made her a sought after clinician. She offers personalized therapy both in-person and via tele-health.


Karin Lewis, MA, LMFT, CEDS is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has spent her entire career helping individuals and their families suffering from eating disorders, body image, media and cultural influences, family issues, relationship issues, depression and anxiety.

The Karin Lewis Eating Disorder Center's private practice aims to:

  • Help clients identify underlying psychological issues that may be interfering with recovery.
  • Help clients gain insight into the core issues that maintain their eating disorder and develop coping skills to manage those issues.
  • Reduce or stop the various symptoms of their eating disorder.
  • Educate and guide family members and significant others to improve relationship dynamics.
  • Support clients as they reintegrate into their life in a healthy way.
  • Encourage clients to foster relationships with people rather than their eating disorder.
  • Establish relapse prevention skills.