The Karin Lewis Eating Disorder Center’s coaches come to your home, school, work, or place of your choice to provide clinical coaching for your ongoing path to healing. Together, coaches and clients work to support eating disorder recovery, health, wellness, family & interpersonal relationships, educational & occupational goals, and daily living skills while creating and encouraging meaning & purpose. 




Coaches help empower clients to define specific goals and create strategies to attain those goals while providing structure,  accountability, and dedicated support.

Coaches are able to provide support to clients in situations where it is not possible for the client's treatment team to do so.

  • Meal Support (e.g., snacks, meals, restaurants, college dining halls)

  • Clothes Shopping

  • Yoga/walks

  • Social Activities and Community Integration (e.g., attending social events with clients)

  • Exposure Work (e.g., coaching around fear foods or experiences)

  • Environmental Support (e.g., removing triggers from home environment)



Through meal support therapy, clients work with our coaches to gradually decrease fear around meals and increase trust in themselves and the recovery process.

Coaches provide support and accountability with their meal plan and nutritional goals, including the following: 

  • Stay accountable to your meal plan

  • Portion appropriately

  • Normalize meal times

  • Find and add variety to your food choices

  • Assist with home cooking/ordering in

  • Acknowledge and work through food rules

  • Challenge food fears

  • Stay on track with your recovery goals

  • Make eating enjoyable in the company of a supportive individual, rather than doing it alone



Our coaches are able to provide an opportunity for clients to practice normalized eating, challenge food fears, being mindful of hunger and fullness cues, process thoughts and feelings while eating together in a safe, structured environment.

You and our coaches will predetermine what meal you would like to prepare. The coach will come to your home and assist with preparing and portioning the recipe in a safe environment.



Video therapy is an easy way to see a therapist on video conference. KLEDC provides video therapy to clients who do not have easy access to the office.*

*Video therapy is HIPAA-compliant and easy to do on a laptop, smartphone or tablet with a video camera and internet connection.